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About Deep Emotions Publishing

Achille Forler

Achille FORLER
Managing Director

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Welcome to India's full-time, full-service music publisher!

Deep Emotions Publishing was created in November 1995 following the first “Euro-Asian Symposium on Intellectual Property Rights in the Cultural Industries in Asia today” held in Goa, India. It was organized jointly by LX Editora (Portugal) and Silk Road Communications (India) with multilateral European funding. The Symposium had 12 participants from Europe, 14 from Asia – including Mongolia, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc. - and 27 from the Indian subcontinent. (see the proceedings in "The Goa Declaration").

After a slow start (who needs a publisher?!!!) and a lot of footwork, the company has picked up speed and become a full-time publisher. We manage both very large and small catalogues with a combined strength of over 7000 titles active in the Indian market alone. Our copyright management and royalties distribution are fully computerized (Ze Publisher!).

What we do:

  • sign local songwriters and make their songs active in the local and international markets
  • administer local film and record catalogues on behalf of their owners
  • collect the mechanical rights in India for foreign rights owners and help them license their products in India
  • act as a single-window clearance house for music licensing (ad agencies, film and record producers, TV channels, ringtones, etc.)

Indian songwriters

We sign new songwriters and assist them in making songwriting a career by giving professionnal attention and support. You will benefit from a best-in-class service and our worldwide network of sub-publishers will give the widest exposure to your songs. » (see publishing)

Indian film and TV producers, ad agencies, etc.

Do you know that there may be royalties lying around somewhere that should rightfully come to you? We administer your copyrights and collect your royalties from all territories.

If you need foreign music for your sountrack or commercials or want to make a cover version, we provide a single window licensing clearance. Safe, fast and no hassles. Today we administer hundreds of thousands of titles in all genres including many Top 10 hits, all-time classics, film and TV. » (see licensing)

Foreign rights owners

We are strongly committed to the promotion and enforcement of the copyright system in the Indian cultural industries. We administer and promote your catalogues and provide you also with regular market updates. » (see sub-publishing)